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Life Insurance Practice Areas

Finding the best life insurance lawyer in Florida for your particular case should not be overwhelming. The life insurance attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin want to make handling your life insurance claim in FL as easy as possible for you. We've handle many types of life insurance claims and hope to help with your claim as well. Some of the types of life insurance claims we can handle are below. If you have any question on a life insurance claim in Florida, call us at 800-337-7755 today for a free consultation.

Florida life insurance attorney

We handle life insurance interpleader lawsuits in all Florida federal and state courts. An interpleader is generally filed by a life insurance company when more than one person makes a claim against the same policy, or where the insurance company is not sure who is entitled to the life insurance proceeds.

Material Misrepresentation Denial

If a person dies within two years of getting a life insurance policy in Florida, the life insurance company will typically investigate the claim to see if there were any inaccuracies in the application or policy, like the person said they had no medical conditions, when the medical records showed they did. The insurance company may then deny the claim. There are lots of ways to still collect on a policy, and we are happy to review the claim to see if the claim should still be paid.

Claim Denial

Life insurance claims may be denied based on many reasons. We can review the denied claim to see if you may still be entitled to benefits. Often, life insurance companies look for any reason to deny a claim, but many times they are wrong and should have paid the benefits.

Life Insurance Claim Filing Assistance

Our office can assist with the filing of a life insurance claim to try and make sure it is done properly the first time. Sometimes people try to file claims themselves, only to find out that they checked the wrong box or gave information that caused the entire claim to be denied.

Denial for Non-Payment of Premiums

Life insurance companies may try to cancel a policy when premiums are not paid timely. However, there are times when they miscalculate premium payments, misapply payments, or fail to send proper warning notices prior to cancelling the policy. These policies could still be paid if the insurance company failed to act properly.

ERISA Life Insurance Policy Claims

ERISA policies are often governed by Plan Documents and Federal law, and handled by a Plan Administrator. ERISA policies may supersede certain Florida laws. If you were the beneficiary on a life insurance policy which was governed by ERISA, we can evaluate the claim to see if you are entitled to benefits.

Beneficiary Change Disputes

We've handled many beneficiary change disputes. Policies often have strict requirements on how a beneficiary designation could be changed. If not done properly, they could be stricken. Some changes may also be voided if the policy owner lacked capacity to make the change, had an insane delusion, or made the change as a result of undue influence.

Accidental Death Policy Claim Disputes

Accidental death life insurance policies often require that the death was the result of an accident in order to pay out. Some life insurance companies try to deny claims in order to make the beneficiary prove it was an accident. We can help investigate the cause of death to see if it falls within the payable policy provisions.

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