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Non Payment of Premium Denial Reversed

The Florida life insurance attorneys at the Law Office of Jason Turchin recently resolved a life insurance claim which was originally denied for non payment of premiums. The life insurance company cancelled the policy, claiming they sent letters to the policy owner requesting premiums, but never received them.

A review of the policy and documents showed that the policy owner made a payment, but the insurance company failed to record it. A receipt from Western Union proved that the money was sent. The insurance company tried to get out of paying the claim, but ultimately the claim was resolved to the satisfaction of the parties.

Life insurance companies may also be required to send you a notice before they are allowed to cancel the policy for non-payment of premiums. Sometimes either the policy documents or a statute requires that they send you the notice. If they fail to do it, they may have to pay the benefits.

Feel free to call us at (800) 337-7755 to review your Florida life insurance claim.

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