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Jason Turchin retained in Federal life insurance interpleader by former spouse

Jason Turchin has been retained to represent a former spouse against her ex-husband's estate after they were both sued by a life insurance company in a Federal interpleader action in Florida.

Life Insurance Interpleader

An interpleader like this typically is filed when the insurance company gets claims by more than one person alleging that they are the rightful beneficiary. An interpleader lawsuit for life insurance benefits may be filed in either State or Federal court, often depending on the amount at issue and where the defendants are located.

A recent change to Florida's divorce law may cause many more life insurance interpleader lawsuits to be filed. The statute was changed to disclaim a former spouse on a beneficiary designation unless certain criteria is met. This is not absolute though. If you were a former spouse still listed as a beneficiary, you could still have a claim. We are happy to review the case to see what rights you may have.

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